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My Dream RESD DESC by DumDeDumTricky My Dream RESD DESC by DumDeDumTricky
This was a real dream I had. No joke. Once i woke up, i was EXTREMELY sad, because my very loud and annoying cousins woke me up when they were visiting. So after I spent the rest of the day, sleeping trying to get the same dream, but nothing. Not even close to it, and I can't make a story thingy, my cpu isn't letting me. So just enjoy plz.

Ok, Im getting really mad, because every single time I try to write this, it some how goes to my homepage and I have to start the whole thing over again. So let's get this straight, I listen to my ipod when I sleep, and Krystal is supposed to look like she was in Assault. Now to the dream...


I was walking out into the backyard when I saw Krystal's Cloudrunner land before my eyes, in my backyard!!! As I saw her jump out of her Cloudrunner's cockpit, and she asked me "Are you Hailey?" " Yes, why?" I replied. "Starfox wants to meet you!" She said.
Right then, I started to get light headed, and I was frozen with a face like :D and Krystal giggled and said "Excited, much?" I nodded with my happy face, then Krystal said one more thing before we got into the Cloudrunner, "But there's one catch, We haven't approved this with General Pepper yet... So shall we go now?" I got unfrozen, and I went with Krystal.
We had to go very fast, avoiding astriod feilds and distractions. Then I see a big ship, in the distance, which made it look very small. It was the Great Fox!

***** (I forgot how We got on the great Fox, so lets pretend We just flew there, alright?)

The Starfox Team was asking Krystal all these questions, like "Who is this person?" "What did General Pepper say?" "What were you thinking?" So Krystal just hushes them all, and introduces me to the team then there was a knock on the door, and a deep voice says "Hello? Starfox team! I'm here for the inspection..." The Fox then just picks me up, then shoves me in a closet and says very queitly "you gotta be quiet now!" The Starfox team just walks away with the inspectors looking innocent.
Once I thought it was safe, I peeked out the door of the closet, and I heard the inspectors and the team talking about how they passed the inspection. Once they left, Falco said, "It's ok to come out now kid!" Krystal then burst out " Her name is Hailey!" I came out of the closet, to find the Team looking for me, "They must've forgotten where they left me..." I thought, as Peppy finally noticed I was behind them all. "Found her!" He said, as they all had a sigh of relief. "We need to make her look like someone normal..." Said Slippy "Aha!" said Krystal "Come with me..." as she grabbed my arm and dragged me into her room.
Then, (Since it's a dream) I only saw a bit of her giving me a total makeover, as in bit by bits of her dying my hair picking out my clothes and jewlery, and at the very end, before I put the clothes and everything on, she made me drink a weird greenish liquid. but before I drank it, she put a bit of her fur in it. So about 30 seconds later, I started to grow taller, and some fur, and a muzzle, and everything else, I looked in the mirror, and I saw myself, looking exactly like Krystal, but in my clothes, and my own voice. So after I put on some of Krystal's clothes, and I looked just like her, except the little silver thing with the blue jewel on her head, (the Arwingpedia says it's a tiara)because mine was gold with a red jewel. When she was finally done, she prestented me to the team. After they we all close to us and asking Krystal what she did to make me look like that, and all she had to say was "I picked up a little something when we were killing the Apariods on Sauria." then, Krystal said she was hungry, and she was going to go get something to eat. As she did so, me and the Starfox team were left alone, when R.O.B came up with a message from General Pepper " Hello, Starfox team, I want to come and see you on Corneria." So then we just kinda poped onto Corneria, and time mus've passed, considering the fact that the greenish liquid was wearing off, and so from time to time, the General was looking at me like I was acting wierd lately. so finally, I decides to run, with everybody noticing, and everybody running after me. The General and his troops were coming after me to get me, and the team was running after the General and his troops to stop them. after I tripped on a rock, my ears and eyes were back to normal, but everything else was still Krystal-fied and everybody except the General Pepper and his troops were there.
So then we just poped back into the Great Fox and Krystal finally got back, and nobody knew what happened, so I told them I almost got thrown in jail by General Pepper, and they all remembered, excpet Krystal, and we all explained that she wasn't there.
Then suddenly, "Till The World Ends" by Britany Spears comes on, and they're all confused, and I say to them, "Guys, guys, chill, it's just my iPod, (sigh) making it into my dreams, which means im going to wake up soon, so Bye!!!" "Good-bye!" they all said, as they waved, sooner or later, I was woken up by my loud cousins. I could hear them even when I was listening to my iPod.
Nin10dohgirl Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
LOL pretty cool story, Tricky:DAnd believe it or not, I had a dream about meeting the Starfox Team, too!:omg:Only they were looking for me for help against the aparoids!:wow:(Just got done fighting Oikonny back on Fortuna)Pretty cool, huh? P.S. I...have a crush on Falco...>//.//<
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